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Who's this Haircutting tutorial for?
Why do other people cut hair at home? Why learn haircutting?
Is it difficult to follow your haircutting instructions?
What kind of haircuts do you teach me?   
I'm a man. Is this haircutting guide for me?
What are my advantages of having an eBook haircutting tutorial?
What's an eBook? How can I read the eBook?
Will it work on Mac or Windows?
Is your haircutting eBook available worldwide?
Is it only published in English?

When and how will I get the eBook delivered to me?
How can I pay?
Is it safe to purchase from you?
What unique bonus benefits do I get along with your eBook?
How can I promote your book (And make money)?
Who owns the rights on the art-work in eBook and for this site?
Who's the gorgeous lady on the background? Who's the eBook cover-girl?

Who's this Haircutting tutorial for?

For you, if you want to learn PROFESSIONAL haircutting in the cheapest, easiest and fastest possible way!

If you want to look glam, have a great haircut and look like you can afford to visit a top hairdresser, yet need to reduce your living costs, save money and maybe even earn a side income from home- The "Haircutting Secrets Revealed" is right for you.

Whether you're a working mom or dad, a housewife, a teeny, retired, unemployed or a beautician / makeup artist needing additional skills to be more competitive, useful and creative - "Haircutting Secrets Revealed" is made for you.

Why do other people cut hair at home or want to learn it?

Many people want to cut their (and family/friends) hair at home because:

  • It helps cut living costs: You'll save money and travel costs, as well as time (= even more money) than if you went to a hairdresser.
  • Unless you go to a real good professional hairdresser, the results of your haircut may not always turn out well.
    The reason they are cheap is not surprising. They compensate by doing the cut extra fast and clumsy. You'll never get that lovely celebrity haircut you dream off with these mediocre hairdressers.
    You may need to know how to repair the damage - and fast. Preferably not by the same person who inflicted it...
  • Good hairdressers aren't exactly cheap. Not uncommon to pay around $80 per cut. Often not including tips and travel costs.
    Many of our customers cannot afford this, especially not when they have a few kids.
    • SAVE $$$: Over a 5 year period, cutting hair every 6 weeks for 3 family members adds up to ~$10,000!!! This is money you could use for: A higher education fund or your old age savings, a nice vacation, a car or for all those other things you need... So do it yourself, save the haircutting money in a special tinny for 5 years or put it into a profitable investment and enjoy the fruits! REMEMBER: Self made multimillionaire and author Robert Allan says that with saving of a single dollar ($1) a day put into investment yielding 10% p.a. for 30 years you too become a millionaire. Only $1!
  • It's easy to schedule home haircuts. No need to lose time off work or go at inconvenient time just because hairdresser is busy when it's good for you. Some people buy our eBook for emergency situations, where they must have a haircut now.
  • Living in a remote "Outback" location, far from a half-decent hairdresser, no longer means you need to look dumpy. Look, if you own a TV and your man and teeny daughter see all those glam-girls and beautiful, well cared-for women - do you want to look neglected and unattractive? Does your girl want to?
  • Fun haircutting parties - especially teen girls love cutting hair!
  • Earn a side income (when possible) from home with haircutting.
    Some of our customers are from countries where it's no problem to practice paid-haircutting without license. Our eBook provides the necessary skills to cut hair in a professional way for great results.
  • Professional make-up artists, beauticians etc who need some extra skills to compete in the cut-throat marketplace, but don't have the budget to go to the Vidal Sassoon hair academy in London and do a course there. Our eBook gives the basics for professional haircutting - as a low-cost alternative, when no license is required.
  • You simply want to be more appreciated and loved.

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Is it difficult to follow your haircutting instructions?

This haircutting tutorial is easy enough for a complete beginner to understand and follow, yet it is NOT another "For-Dummies" product. There's quite enough of them; Cut like a dummy - and you'll probably look like a dummy cut your hair!

We've invested over 9 months each (+18 months between us) of our time & money working on creating the best illustrations to accompany each and every step for each type of haircut we teach. This makes instructions highly easy to understand.

We've also written our haircutting tutorial in every-day language, free of complicated terminologies.

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What kind of haircuts do you teach me?

You'll learn how to cut the following hair-styles: Long hair, long layered, long bob, layering a long bob, medium bob, layering a medium bob, short layered sporty, short layered messy, short bob, short bob layered, round bob (The cute helmet look) , feathering short hair, feathered long/ medium hair, shaggy for long, shaggy for short, The Meg Ryan haircut, bangs/ fringe with a few variations, black natural and also many extra tips for blow-dry and hair-care, handling children.
Once you've mastered these basic cuts you can easily get creative and use combination of elements from a few different styles to create a new one!

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I'm a Man. Is this haircutting guide for me?

Sure! As long as you or your model (i.e., the person you're planning to cut his/her hair) have more than 3" inches (~10cm) of hair length and you aren't looking for a military cut. Almost all the haircuts we teach are suitable for men as well, or with small length variations.
You'll learn all the basic necessary haircutting techniques.

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Why is it better for me to have an eBook tutorial?

For at least 12 very good reasons:

  1. You get the information you want, need and deserve to have RIGHT NOW, no need to wait for days.
  2. No hassles to clear customs. In some countries this involves additional travel costs & time.
  3. No shipping charges, No duty/import tax to pay.
  4. You can view and read eBook from your laptop or desktop computer.
  5. You can enlarge the pages/ text-size to suit your vision
  6. You can print out only the pages you need, as you need them - for your personal use.
  7. You can enlarge or shrink your print-output if you need to; smaller to save place on page, larger for bad eyes.
  8. It's more convenient to fold up a few pages to carry along with you, instead of dragging along a whole heavy book.
  9. Printed pages can be conveniently hung up near you (With a pin or cloths-peg when you're doing the haircutting.
  10. It's much harder to keep a book open on the right page than lay a printed page flat down on a table or chair near you.
  11. Having a printed page for reference as you work, doesn't look so bad for you and easier to discreetly use than is a book.
  12. If pages get wet or dirty- no worries! Simply print out another- as many as you need! We do not limit you with printing, so long as you do not engage in illegally distributing our copyrighted eBook material.

In short: Our haircutting tutorial eBook is more user-friendly.

And last but not least, important to mention is also the low price of this hair-cutting eBook. This is mainly thanks to the fact we don't have paper-back publishing costs (Especially costly when publishing a book with more than one color!).

A professional haircutting book by Vidal Sassoon sells on Amazon for ~$150!
This is affordable for professional people but not for most of our customers, who need to save money.
We could easily charge you the same, however, we'd like to make our just-as-professional tutorial more easily available and much more affordable to you.

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What's an eBook? How does one read eBooks?

An eBook is simply a digital form of publication, as opposed to hard- or soft-cover physical paper-back books. Ours comes in the form of a PDF file, so you'll need Adobe Acrobat's free PDF reader to open and view our eBook. Most computers already have Adobe Reader installed. If your computer doesn’t have it, you can get a FREE copy of the latest version here. Download the free reader, claim and download our eBook - that's it!
You double click to open the eBook, read it (You can control page/ text size for easy readability) and you can print out the pages you need whenever you need!

Ah, yes... Adobe Acrobat Reader has versions for both PC and Macintosh computers. The PDF documents our eBook/s are made of can be opened and read on either a PC or a Macintosh with Adobe Reader.

Check out the simple download tutorial we've made for you >>

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Is your haircutting eBook available worldwide?

Yes! Since we don't need to ship we welcome customers from USA, New-Zealand, Australia, UK, HK, India and basically from any country for anyone who can read English. And you don't pay shipping, import tax and needn't wait for weeks!

In near future we may offer additional languages.
If you wish to translate our book in return for a share of sales please contact us (Remove the spaces, place  @ instead of "at"): support    "at"    haircutting secrets .com

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When and How is this eBook Delivered to Me?

The product and bonuses will be delivered to you digitally via instant online access to a secure area for downloading once your payment has been authorized. Delivery is "On Demand", meaning it is immediate.
You'll have 24h time to download your eBook and save to your computer.

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How can I pay?

We use ClickBank as our payment processor. They accept all major CC and debit cards as well as PayPal.

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Is it safe to purchase from you?

Absolutely! We never collect your personal payment info and do not store your personal info on our servers. ClickBank is our payment processor and if you select to pay with PayPal then no CC info is needed from you.

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What unique bonus benefits do I get included?

  1. Free 60 day* Haircutting Secrets Support - which entitles you to ask me your haircutting related questions, which I'll do my very best to answer.
  2. You get free life membership in our community - it's a chance to meet new friends, chat, share hair-related experiences, find solutions, exchange tips & info and much more...
  3. Free Haircutting Secrets Revealed Updates for life. We'll notify you each time there is an update & You won't have to pay a single dime!

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How can I promote your book (And make money)?

If you'd like to legally promote our e-Book and have a chance to profit by reselling it, you may do so as an affiliate. Click here for more about our Haircutting Secrets Revealed affiliate program.

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Who owns the rights on the content and art-work in eBook and this site?

Eileen Kleinman ("EK") and Ute Wingenfeld jointly own the intellectual and copy-rights for eBook including all its text and art-work. EK is sole owner of site and its intellectual property.

Who's the gorgeous lady on page background?

Sabine Anton, a TV Producer (RTL and others) living in New-York, USA. Sabine makes touching personal memoirs on film, so check out:
Eileen is responsible for the photo artwork. If you'd like a retouch "Making Beauties" performed on your image contact us.

Who's the eBook cover-girl?

The portrait on eBook cover was done by me (Eileen). The model is my 10 YO daughter, Camille.


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