With only 2-3 sales you'll make back your low investment in this affordable Haircutting guide book!
As our student and customer you too are entitled to join our generous affiliate partner program. You can teach and sell our Professional Haircutting tutorials to other people. By doing so, you'll earn money by helping others save money on haircuts yet look and feel great!

The haircutting technique we teach you is based upon the Vidal Sassoon system, with some improvements we've made on it in order to make it as easy as possible on you to understand and follow, as a non-professional with no haircutting experience necessary. It is not a simple thing to teach professional haircutting to someone who's not standing there seeing exactly what you're doing.
You'd like to know why it's best for you to learn home haircutting the Vidal Sassoon way?
To put it plainly, Every Professional Hairstylist and Hairdresser learn it (and they pay a lot of money to learn it!) because the Sassoon method is simply the Best. And this is why...

Hair Cutting Reproduction Methods Had a Big Problem.

In the past, hair-styles had fancy names; Capricciosa (for spring trend), Nora (for winter), etc.
Armed with this styling name, you'd march off to your hairdresser and order him or her to perform the cut & style on your own head of hair. Rollers were always a necessity.

Problem with this was that there weren't any Global Standards one could follow.
Basically, the way a hairstyle resulted was solely depending upon the individual hairdresser's talent.
A hairdresser in Brooklyn, New-York would cut your hair differently than a next-door hairdresser would or one in Japan, even if you'd show them the same photo of the style you desired.

Worse still, even the very same hairdresser could rarely reproduce the exact same cut!

The problem was simple:

Until Vidal Sassoon came along, there existed no haircutting technique that anyone anywhere could easily learn, follow and apply for unified haircutting results.

The Solution: The Vidal Sassoon Way!

Thanks to the famed hair specialist Vidal Sassoon who invented in the 60's the haircutting methodology for various hair prototypes, we nowadays can enjoy perfect control over results and style reproduction of any hairstyle.

Vidal Sassoon had industrialized the art of haircutting. With his technique, which you too can now easily master thanks to our e-book, anyone on any continent can cut hair and the results will look the same for that particular haircut.

In addition, all haircuts we'll teach you (according to the superior Sassoon technique), maintain their great look even 4-6 weeks later!

Friend, no longer do you need to worry about humidity, rain or a swim ruining your new haircut! The Sassoon haircuts keep their shape!

This E-Book will reveal to you the very important inside secrets your hairdresser would never ever share with you (unless she's your sister)... After all, why would they want to lose a customer - you're their income source!



Haircutting Secrets are FINALLY Revealed- easily and cheaply learn how to cut hair like a pro!

Do You Want to Avoid Haircutting Disasters?
Would You Like to Discover Secrets Your Hairdresser Does Not Want You to Know about How to
Easily, Quickly & Professionally Cut Hair at Home?

After all, these Haircutting Techniques could SAVE YOU $$$$$ of Your Hard Earned Money over the next few years...
(They'd loose Their income from you, so they'll never tell you- but don't worry, we will...)

"Ute cuts my hair like no other - She's definitely an Expert you can learn from"  

- Sabine Anton www.YourLifeOnFilm.tv

Haircutting testimonial by Sabine anton

From the desk of
Ute Wingenfeld, Hairstylist &
Co-Author Eileen Kleinman

Dear Friend,

Regardless if you live in a city, a suburb or on an outback farm, don't you and your family want to look your very best? Sure you do!
These days teens and young kids are so fashion conscious... and even young boys and grown men proudly fuss over their haircut, hairstyle and color.

Whether you simply need to:

  • Cut costs, save lots of money on family haircuts, get the exact haircut you want - easily and confidently from the comfort of your own home and avoid cheap-looking or even catastrophic haircutting results (When all you can afford is the "$7 poor-man's haircut attempt"), or if what you're after is to
  • Gain professional haircutting skills to enhance your beautician or makeup career, work cutting hair from home, or if you simply want to
  • Have some fun haircutting parties with your friends, or simply to be better appreciated...

Then this might be the most important letter you'll ever read regarding professional home-haircutting.
So Keep Reading -

However, I'd like to warn you, before you continue reading this page:

  1. We're not dumping onto you one of those "50% faster to do" Dummy technique books - for 50% results... Be real, there are no miracle haircutting shortcuts (Like grabbing all the hair up and snapping it off in one go to get "nice layers", or using magic haircut machines), not if you want to really look good - rather than look poor, down-an'-out and derelict.
    If you want to look awful - sorry, but we can't help you.
  2. We don't offer a magic shaver or some expensive kit. They're best for use on military cuts, short men's shave or on your dog...

What we can do for you is to hand you the best existing technique, (which every self-respecting professional hairdresser uses), in the easiest possible way for you - even if you're a total beginner- to cut hair like the pros do. Not like dummies do.

With our Haircutting Secrets Revealed course eBook you and your family or friends can finally enjoy beautiful, professional looking haircuts - even if you no longer go to a hairdresser!


This amazing home haircutting course tutorial will enable you to do just that, and we'll show you the best and sure-fire way to achieve professionally cut hair at home.

Now, I know you're probably very skeptical. That's normal and healthy.
so Let me give you three reasons we can back up what we claim:

Three Good Reasons To Believe What I Say

Reason one:
I bring you the solid, tested and proven method for haircutting - The Vidal Sassoon method that has become the global industrialized technique every professional hairdresser learns in hairdressing school.

Reason two:
I, German Hair Expert Ute (Pronounced: oo-teh) Wingenfeld bring you my lifelong Professional Precision Experience as a Vidal Sassoon Top Stylist & Hairdresser.
Look, I'd like to share with you my career story, so you can see for yourself I know my stuff and how very well qualified I am to teach you (I don't mean to brag, just the facts)...

"Right from the start, while studying in the Vidal-Sassoon Hair Academy in London, I had attracted the attention of the Academy's art director, who immediately offered me a further free training and a super great job. (You bet I was one happy girl! This Sassoon Academy is a very expensive one and absolutely the best place to learn! I had saved up for years to pay for the course...)

I soon became a member of the Vidal Sassoon Artistic Team, where I was responsible for developing new and interesting hair styles as well as cutting client's hair.
(And not just Any Clients... I mean, the Vidal Sassoon Hair Saloon in London's Bond Street is where the rich, famous and fashionable folk go to have their hair done, because they want, demand and can afford the very best hairdressers).

Magazines like Vogue, Elle and many others booked me for fashion shoots and shows etc.

After my amazing London period, I moved to Munich, Germany with a Sassoon team and inaugurated the very first Vidal Sassoon hairdressing saloon in Germany. (Since I was by then a holder of a "MeisterBrief", which is the highest hairdressing qualification in Germany, enabling a holder of such a degree to open a hair saloon and to teach, I could assist Vidal Sassoon to establish the Munich Subsidiary.)
I acted as the technical director of the Vidal Sassoon Hairdressing Saloon in Munich. This saloon is always booked and doing very well.

Later on in my life, I moved to the city of light- Paris, France - after completing my A-levels (Unfortunately, I had to drop from school at the age of 13 in order to help support my mother and 4 other sisters in Post-war Germany. We were refugees from East Prussia and my dad was war-damaged, so mom had to feed us all. We were often half starved back then. I'd always been ashamed of not getting proper education - but it's never too late!).
In Paris I worked as a freelance hairstylists for French fashion magazines, catalogues, fashion shows and photo-shoots.

Years later, returning to Munich, Germany, I'd finally fulfilled my childhood dream for higher education and received my Bachelors' Degree in Political Science, just before turning 50...

While studying I also had to work, so I worked as a freelance hairdresser for fashion shows and TV events like "The Bambi" Movie Awards - the German equivalent of the Oscar.

Presently I also teach hair styling at the renown "Horst Kirchberger Academy" in Munich. Horst is Germany's most famous and sought-after makeup artist. Graduates from his academy are grabbed up by the fashion and beauty industry. Recently, I've had a student who had only a couple of weekends' worth of tuition and she's now making $350 as hairstylist in photo shoots!"

Yes, I can truthfully say to you I was a high rated, much in demand hair-stylist for much of my professional life.

Reason three: As you see, I know what I'm talking about and I'm Willing to Reveal to You preciously guarded industry secrets. I no longer fear backlashes or bans from any colleagues or unions since I'm about to retire anyway...

The Many Benefits You Receive with "Haircutting Secrets Revealed"   

professional haircutting method

You'll learn the Correct and Professional Method for cutting hair -
You'll achieve great results every single time you cut hair!

step by step haircutting tutorial

Step by Step and Most Detailed haircutting guide for Newbies -
Be able to confidently cut your kids', relatives' or friends' hair!

haircutting tutorial

This haircutting tutorial will Safeguard You from making Fatal Mistakes -
Gain respect, admiration and thanks from your kids and friends - instead of tears, hate, anger and shame they'll feel if you made them an ugly haircut!

home haircuts save money

You'll find new ways to cut down on your living costs.
Save lots money on haircutting and trimming for your family! This is extra money you can use for a holiday, buying something you need, for your kid's higher education or savings!
Otherwise, in the next 5Y you might be throwing away $ 10,400 of your money:

Most haircuts/trims by a hairdresser will cost you $80 or more.
This (not always) includes fees for shampoo, tip, your travel costs, parking fees - not to mention time wasted on this.
A simple math: People usually need a haircut/ trim every 6 weeks. There are 52 weeks in a year so simple calculation shows us:
52 : 6 = 8.66   $80 x 8.66 = $693.32 of your money lost on haircuts every single year. If you have 2 additional family members in need of haircuts this soon adds up to $2,080/year x next 5 years = $10,400

cheap way to learn haircutting

This tutorial is the Cheapest Way you can possibly learn how to Professionally cut hair - You get knowledge for life that no normal hairdresser would reveal to you!
Saves you thousands of $,$$$ you'd otherwise spend on similar haircutting courses...
I usually charge $1,000 per each day for private training and you'd need 10 days (at least) to cover what you learn in HairCutting Secrets Revealed eBook

haircutting hassle

You can now cut your family's hair and conveniently get your hair cut at home
No need to waste time traveling to your hairdresser, or just the hassle of waiting for hairdresser to have time for you. Save money on the travel to hair dresser and loss of working or other valuable hours. Time is Money!

haircutting know-how tricks

You'll have knowledge in your fingertips you can use to Benefit your loved ones
Be admired and appreciated by your family and friends! Save them money - or even use your new haircutting basic know-how to teach them the tricks!

earn income from home by haircutting

Cut your friends/ neighbors 'hair andearn a side income from your home!

save time cutting hair

This haircutting guide takes the guesswork out of haircutting.
You'll save time every time you cut hair, since you'll know what you're doing and will be well prepared and better organized!

haircutting secrets revealed ebook lets you enjoy hair-cutting

HairCutting Secrets Revealed eBook takes the stress out of haircutting
Enjoy cutting hair with the fantastic new confidence you'll get when you know the ins-and-outs of haircutting.

haircutting foundations vidal sassoon techniques

You'll Get the right foundations and the necessary haircutting techniques
You'll now be able to explore new creativity you never imagined you could do when cutting hair! Use the fundamentals to mix and create your own new haircut styles!

haircutting tools systems solutions

Discover the tools you really need without hype or fluff
Avoid purchasing unnecessary haircutting tools or dubious "magic" hair-cutting systems or solutions and save yourself hundreds of $$$! We'll tell you the truth.

haircutting illustrations

Detailed, beautiful illustrations for every single step
This Helps You Easily Visualize and have a clear idea of what to do. We've worked hard and long on simplifying the visuals for you.
SEE A FEW EXAMPLES OF PAGES & HAIRCUT IMAGES: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

trouble problems cutting childrens hair

Find out how to handle fidgety and unwilling children...
Save your nerves and have happy, trauma-free children!

haircutting book ebook user friendly

HairCutting Secrets Revealed EBook is Printer & User Friendly
Print out a copy of only the pages you need. It is easier to lay a printed page flat on a table near you as you cut the hair, than try and keep a hard-cover book open. Plus, a printed page can be conveniently hung or clipped on to a towel etc., or attached to a wall next to you.

worried about haircut

Be able to discreetly consult in a few pages of haircutting instructions...
Appearing with a big book and looking like you have no clue what you're doing may cause your "victim" to feel as a guinea pig and feel very nervous, untrusting and worried...

haircutting secrets revealed reprints

No Limit how many times you can reprint the pages you need - so long as you do not engage in commercial activity with our copyrighted material! 
If print-out was damaged or got wet whilst you've cut hair, you simply print it out again!

haircutting book information on the go

View eBook haircutting course on your computer, laptop or print it out
Easier for you to take a few folded pages than to drag along a whole heavy book, if you're going to cut hair at a relative's or a friend's place.


Now, I guess you're probably wondering how and why we can do all those things. (No I'm not, just give it to me >>)

Let me explain.
  • We'll take you by the hand in this most detailed haircutting tutorial. We've thought of every step and added useful tips from our in-depth experience.
  • This tutorial is written for the non-professional, every-day person in an easy to understand language. It is really easy to follow instructions and focus on what you need.
  • This eBook teaches you Safe methods of haircutting, so you can avoid disasters and physical injury to yourself or others. No dangerous razor-blades to go messing with!
  • We teach you the Vidal Sassoon techniques - this technique is learned by every real professional hairdresser in very expensive haircutting courses! It's provides the best results.
  • We also expose - for your benefit - the Truth about which tools you really need, so you can avoid paying hundreds of dollars for purchasing unnecessary ones and fancy sounding haircutting kits, "wonder" cutters etc!

But don't take my word for it.
Listen to what these people say about me:

HaircuttingSecrets testimonial | Horst Kirchberger - leading makeup artist

"Ute is a haircutting & styling teacher in my well known makeup academy in Munich, Germany. I've known Ute since 30 Years. We started our carriers at the same time and often worked together doing studio jobs and editorial beauty shoots and I can tell you outright:
Ute is in Hairstyling what I'm in Makeup Art - a Master!

I highly recommend Ute and can truthfully say that all her students are very pleased with her masterful professionalism.
Ute is so patient and amazingly well qualified to teach you about haircutting! She has soooo much experience you'd absolutely benefit from learning from her!"

Horst Kirchberger | Haircutting testimonial

Horst Kirchberger
MakeupStudio Founder & CEO, Germany's Leading Makeup Artist, Munich, Germany.         www.HorstKirchberger.de

Hair-cutting and hair-styling testimonial | Horst Kirchberger - leading German makeup artist
Flat thin haircut testimonial

"Ute's hair styling creativity never ceases to surprise me...
Over the years she has contributed lots of exciting hair-styling ideas to our readers and has thus benefited our magazine in many ways

Christine Stralcka | Beauty editor "Bunte" Germany | Hairstyling creativity ideas testimonial

Christine Stralcka,
Beauty Editor of "BUNTE", Germany's largest people-magazine - Munich.

Hair-cutting creativity testimonial
Exciting hairstyle ideas testimonial

"Ute Wingenfeld was always a reliable trend-setter when it came to producing new hairstyling ideas for our magazine.
None-the-less, Ute always made sure every single hairstyle she performed for us would also be a practical, every-day haircut style that other women could easily apply to themselves"

Marina Jagemann, beauty editor "Madam" magazine Germany | Hairstyling ideas for haircuts testimonial

Marina Jagemann,
Beauty Editor of the "Madam" magazine - Munich, Germany.

Practical haircut style instructions testimonial
Flat thin haircut testimonial

"During the '70s Ute and I have worked together for the Munich Vidal Sassoon Hair-salon.(Vidal Sassoon had utilized Ute's "MeisterBrief" which is the highest hairdressing qualification in Germany, enabling a holder of such a degree to open a hair saloon and to teach.).
Presently, Ute assists my successful hair-extention business by providing hairstyles for our press releases." 

Renate Klingspor | Vidal Sassoon hair saloon | Hair extentions hair styles

Renate Klingspor,
"Visage Hair-Design"  - Munich, Germany.

Vidal Sassoon | hairstyles testimonial
Home haircutting book testimonial | Save money avoid unneccessary haircutting accessories

"I always like to wait to have my hair cut till Ute comes to NY!!!

Ute has amazing hands and always manages to give my thick hair just the right kind of a look!"

Sabine Anton testimonial | Ute is great in haircutting

Sabine Anton,
TV Producer (RTL and others) - New-York, USA.

Cut my hair - Haircutting Secrets Revealed testimonial
Save the learning-curve of haircutting | e-book testimonial

"It was merely last summer that Ute had revealed to me the basic secrets and tricks of hair cutting and hair styling...
She has saved me a long learning curve and much trial & error.

Her teaching was so effective, that it provided me the exact confidence I needed... I immediately got loads of photo-shoot jobs and I've made good money from the start. "

Eva Terboven testimonial | Learning hair cutting from Ute made me money!

Eva Terboven,
Ute's Hairstyling student ("Horst Kirchberger Academy") - Munich, Germany.

Teen girls haircuts hairstyles | http://www.HaircuttingSecrets.com - Haircutting Secrets Revealed testimonial
Home haircutting book testimonial | Save money avoid unneccessary haircutting accessories

"Ute has a perfect understanding for young faces.
We always got a very positive feedback from our young readers. In fact, our letterbox was always flooded with mail...
Our readers especially appreciated the way Ute explained how to carry out the hair designs & cuts she demonstrated in the many articles and productions we ran in our magazine over the years."

Eva Reich | Beauty editor of "M�dchen" magazine | Ute teaches haircutting very well

Eve Reich,
Beauty Editor of "Mädchen" - Germany's leading teen girl magazine- Munich.

Save money with hair cutting secrets tips tutorial | http://www.HaircuttingSecrets.com - Haircutting Secrets Revealed testimonial

Warning: Do NOT buy any HairCutting tutorial
unless it meets the following 5 criteria

There is a lot of confusion surrounding hair-cutting field and the good information you need is neither easily nor readily available. So I want to give you 5 criteria or elements you absolutely, positively must have in any haircutting tutorial solution you'll choose to obtain:

  1. Willingness to divulge quality information and trade secrets -
    Are the authors of other tutorials interested in promoting their hair saloon? Because if they are, there's little chance they'll teach you what you need in order to be free of them... Are they selling their shampoo and attracting traffic to their site by giving a free haircutting video or tutorial? Little chance they'll want to annoy their hairdresser client-base with divulging trade secrets. You won't get the real thing, you won't get the Sassoon Technique.
  2. Unbiased Objectivity -Are the tutorials actually promoting a costly package of "necessary" equipment or "miracle" haircutting systems or tools? Because if they are, they'll want to make you feel it's too complicated or difficult without their quick fix...
  3. Clearly explained and well visualized instructions -
    Do other haircutting tutorials provide excellent, clear to understand illustrations FOR EVERY STEP of the way, or merely do with text and the occasional photo or A low quality drawing?
  4. Are other tutorials teaching you the Vidal Sassoon technique? Because if not, it's inferior and won't get you easy and quality results every time you cut someone's hair! (After all, if other haircutting systems were better than the Vidal Sassoon one, won't the professional hairdressers be using them?!)
  5. Safety Issues - Are other tutorials telling you to cut hair with a razor? This is not only a sure blueprint for disaster if you have no professional haircutting hands, but a physical danger to you or your family to go playing around with sharp razor blades...

when you claim your copy of haircutting secrets revealed eBook
You are sure to get all the above - and so much more !

You will now be able to tap into over 35 years of my vast experience as top hair-stylist and hairdresser...

Our HairCutting Secrets Revealed eBook will teach you the fundamental techniques of haircutting.
Once you've gotten the hang of the basics, you will be able to discover your creative side and develop your haircutting creativity with confidence, mix styles to create new ones. This makes haircutting so much more fun!
You'll enjoy a new haircutting confidence and make professional haircuts, gaining you the appreciation you deserve from your family and friends!

You might even be able to create for yourself a supplementing side income -
With your new haircutting knowledge you'll gain from "Haircutting Secrets Revealed":

haircutting alternatives to hairdresser Offer your friends and neighbors cheap alternatives for haircuts from the comfort of your/ their home!

haircutting- earn side income from home Practice till you're a natural and then earn money teaching a friend what you've learned from the eBook

haircutting- earn money as an affiliate reselling our eBook Earn money as our ambassador promoting our professional haircutting eBook as an affiliate


Who is this "Haircutting Secrets Revealed" for?

While this eBook may not qualify you to practice as a proper hairstyling course would, or to cut very complex or punk hairstyles, it's definitely what you'll need for bobs, layered, feathered, bangs, thin or thick and all lengths of haircutting, for women, children and even men - as long as there are a few nice inches of hair on the head!

Don't worry, it's really easy to learn the Vidal Sassoon methods - the way we teach it to you.
I'll also be there to help you in your first steps or with a haircut style you want to do.
You're not just buying a book, but get 2 months of my FREE support! Read *
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Our Haircutting Secrets Revealed eBook has and will help many people and this is what they say:

Flat thin haircut testimonial

"Your ebook is wonderful with its beautiful illustrations and simplistic language.... The pictures are absolutely amazing.....
It can help anyone muster the courage to cut hair for the first time.

My favorite haircut in your book is the short layered bob.
A job well done ladies!
Thank you for all your help."

Nadine's cutting Hair at home Testimonial

Nadine Visscher, (HSR competitor), www.haircuttingsite.com

Hair-cutting thin flat hair testimonial
Flat thin haircut testimonial

"Having searched several years to find a reliable source for cutting hair, I finally could find this valuable book.

Please accept my sincere thanks for bringing years of experience, to word and picture in haircutting secret revealed "

Samira's haircutting testimonial

Samira - Iran.

Hair-cutting thin flat hair testimonial
Flat thin haircut testimonial

"Liebe Ute!

Just wanted to drop you a line and thank you so much for the great job you did on my ugly flat looking and thinning hair last week!

I keep getting compliments at work (and Mr. you-know-who has even admired it!!!) and hair has such a nice movement to it now!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
You're a good friend to have!"

Anne-Marie Lindner - Munich, Germany.

Hair-cutting thin flat hair testimonial
Easy haircutting instructions tutorial testimonial

"Hello Ute!

I loved your book! It's so easy to understand and the only good tutorial I've found!
First time I've tried to cut hair... following your clear instructions it came out so great! I was surprised how easy it was!
Thank you for sharing your knowledge and for making it so easily accessible and affordable!"


Sarah Mayer   - Vancouver Canada.

Family hair-cutting tips - easy instructions guide e-book
Flat thin haircut testimonial

I'm an unemployed single mom of 3 lovely girls. Money is always hard to find for buying things around here, but I'm so pleased I've invested it in your good book!

Not only is it saving me a bundle of cash, but I've started cutting hair for my friends and neighbors for a very low fee. They are happy and it helps me get some better food on the table and the stuff my ever-growing kids need.....

I've always cut my girl's hair myself but the results looked as though they were a cheap home cut... which was the truth... But now that I can cut my girl's hair just like the hair dresser does they don't look so poor and are much happier little campers!"

Becky J. P.  -    Atlanta, USA.

Save money cutting family hair | cutting hair at home manual
Home haircutting book testimonial | Save money avoid unneccessary haircutting accessories

"Hi there Ute!

I'd like to recommend your excellent book to all other women like me who need to save money!
I am ashamed to admit I had purchased expensive scissors for over $200 dollars as well as some wonder kit for cutting my hair.....
I'm usually not a thrifty spender, but sometimes one just doesn't know what and whom to believe...
If I'd have read your book before, I would've saved myself a lot of money and aggravation

Thanks to good, honest women like you, who have the courage to tell the truth we can use our hard earned money for more useful things - like buying more cloths ;-) "

With many thanks,

Danya Halevi-Kirk  -  Los-Angeles, USA.

Save money with hair cutting secrets tips tutorial | http://www.HaircuttingSecrets.com - Haircutting Secrets Revealed testimonial

This haircutting book is an eBook which means you gain 11 X more because:

haircutting ebook benefits1
You get the information you want, need and deserve to have RIGHT NOW, no need to wait for days.
Plus, "Haircutting Secrets Revealed" is AVAILABLE WORLDWIDE!!! No matter where you live!
haircutting ebook benefits2
No shipping charges.
haircutting ebook benefits3
No duty/import tax to pay. No need to waste money and time traveling to customs.
haircutting ebook benefits4
You can view and read eBook from your laptop or desktop computer. This also means you can enlarge the pages (Text & image size) to suit your vision capability
haircutting ebook benefits5
You can print out only the pages you need, as you need them.
haircutting ebook benefits6
You can enlarge or shrink your print output if you need to - smaller to save place or larger for bad eyes.
haircutting ebook benefits7
It's more convenient to fold up a few pages to carry along with you, instead of dragging along a whole heavy book.
haircutting ebook benefits7
Printed pages can be conveniently hung up near you (with a pin or cloths-peg when you're doing the haircutting.
haircutting ebook benefits8
It's much harder to keep a book open on the right page than lay a printed page flat down on a table or chair near you.
haircutting ebook benefits9
Having a printed page for reference as you work, doesn't look so bad for you and easier to discreetly use than is a book.
haircutting ebook benefits10
If pages get wet or dirty- no worries! Simply print out another- as many as you need! We do not limit you with printing, so long as you do not engage in illegally distributing our copyrighted eBook material.

Click here to turn yourself into a professional home hairdresser & save money on family haircuts >>

Q: What are My Alternatives to this hair-cutting-edge eBook

  • Go to the hairdresser and pay lots of money for every haircut, waste travel time & costs and lose time off work. Plus, you can forget about a side income from home opportunities.
  • Neglect your hair and look poor, unkempt & plain ugly. Let other girls and women look glam and much more attractive in comparison to you when they are in your company. Forget about how your teeny girls feel, when you can't afford a nice haircut for them...
  • Butcher your hair or your children's hair with a home-made unprofessional cut - they'll hate you for it and feel miserable walking around with the results of your attempts. Brace yourself for continuous money fights over haircuts...
  • Go for the bold look... and save the hassles...
  • Buy a "magic" haircutter, waste hundreds of $$$ on it and still get results looking like a cheap home haircutting job. Well, you could always use it for cutting your dog's hair... After all, these are similar to haircutting for dummies books and other haircutting shortcuts: If these could offer beautifully results just like the professional hairdressers do, don't you suppose hairdressers would use them to save time and thus increase profits?
  • Buy a physical book and miss out on all the great eBook advantages and convenience (listed above). In many cases you'll even end up paying more and getting less... and if you get a guide for Dummies - you will probably end up with results for dummies...
  • Buy the Vidal Sassoon book on amazon for more than triple of what our eBook costs...
    Want to know why is Vidal Sassoon haircutting system the best and the preferred haircutting method by professional hairdressers?
    (Move your mouse over the link to read. If you don't see it enable popups in your browser for our site)

OK, So what's this gonna cost? here's what you get and what we want:

We want you to quickly, easily & cheaply learn how to cut hair. That's the reason we've gone through so much work, time and money doing this book.

We'll therefore teach you best ways how to cut family hair at home so you'll get the opportunity to save a LOT of money. Remember, you too could save well over $10,000 in the next 5 years and here's why:
An average haircut/ trim of a decent professional quality (Not some cheap-looking chop job - not when you want to look glam) costs around $80 including a shampoo, but probably excluding tipping the hairdresser, your travel costs, parking fees and your time lost on travel (and maybe also from your work).
People usually need a haircut/trim every 6 weeks. There are 52 weeks in a year so simple calculation shows us:  52 : 6 = 8.66
$80 x 8.66 = $693.32 of your money lost on haircuts every single year. If you have 2 additional family members in need of haircuts this soon adds up to $2,080!
Over the coming 5 years you'd be wasting away $ 10,400 of your hard earned money, not taking into account tips etc.

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Friend, I had to go out and work when I was 13 to support my family. And my mentally handicapped sister.
Oh boy, was I jealous of those lucky girls my age and of the rich ladies who came to the hair saloon where I worked washing the floors and later on in time - the client's hair.

Now that I'm older I want to give back to the world for all the good things I got in life and this is my way to help you. But since unfortunately I'm neither called Rothchild nor Bill Gates, I need to at least recover my expenses here, yet I want to be fair and make it accessible and easy for you to get the knowledge you need.
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